Old Plaza Ranks

In December 2009, the LOTR Plaza went through a major revamp of their text-based role-playing system.  One of the many changes was to replace the old system of ranks and icons (used by all members of the Plaza in lieu of customizable avatars) to reflect the new setup.  However, many members of the Plaza have expressed their nostalgia for the old ranks, so this page has been created as an archive of them.

Due to a copyright claim by the administration of the Plaza, I can no longer host the icons on Photobucket for people to browse them.  They are, however, still on the Plaza server.  For instructions on how to view them, click here.

Imladris: The Hidden Valley of Rivendell

  1. Newborn of Imladris
  2. Youth of Imladris
  3. Herald of Imladris
  4. Archer of Imladris
  5. Elder of Imladris
  6. Councillor of Imladris
  7. Guardian of the Valley
  8. Warrior of Imladris
  9. Scholar of Imladris
  10. Healer of Imladris
  11. Bard of Imladris
  12. Loremaster of Imladris
  13. Councillor of Elrond
  14. Lord of Imladris
  15. High Lord of Imladris


Khazad-dûm: The Dwarven Kingdom of Khazad-dûm

  1. Khazad Youth
  2. Apprentice
  3. Journeyman
  4. Artisan
  5. Craftsman
  6. Crafts Master
  7. Khazad Elder
  8. Counsellor of Khazad-dûm
  9. Sage of Khazad-dûm
  10. Advisor to the Mithril Crown
  11. Guardian of the Realm
  12. Chieftain of Durins Folk
  13. Jarl of Khazad-dûm
  14. Lord of the Stone Halls
  15. Lord of the Mountains


Minas Tirith: The Kingdom of the Men of Gondor

  1. Child of Gondor
  2. Youth of Gondor
  3. Kinsman of Gondor
  4. Apprentice of Gondor
  5. Craftsman of Gondor
  6. Scholar of Gondor
  7. Loremaster of Gondor
  8. Dunadan of Gondor
  9. Guard of the Citadel
  10. Captain of the Tower
  11. Councilor of Gondor
  12. Warden of the Keys
  13. Chief Counsellor of Gondor
  14. High Warden of the Tower
  15. Steward of Gondor

The Riddermark: Kingdom of the Riders of Rohan

  1. Child of the Mark
  2. Youth of the Mark
  3. Stablehand of the Mark
  4. Horse Trainer of the Mark
  5. Horse-lord of the Mark
  6. Guard of the Mark
  7. Doorwarden of the Mark
  8. Esquire of the Mark
  9. Knight of the Mark
  10. Thain of the Mark
  11. Chieftain of the Mark
  12. Counsellor of the Mark
  13. High Counsellor of the Mark
  14. Elder of the Mark
  15. Legend of the Mark

Isengard: Council of the Istari

  1. Istari Novice
  2. Istari Apprentice
  3. Istari Adept
  4. Istari Master
  5. Istari Savant
  6. Istari Scholar
  7. Istari Elder
  8. Istari Pilgrim
  9. Istari Potentate
  10. Istari Venerable
  11. Istari Luminary
  12. Istari Sage
  13. Istari Steward
  14. Istari Counselor
  15. White Counselor

The Shire: The Kingdom of the Hobbits

  1. Hobbitling
  2. Hobbit Child
  3. Hobbit Apprentice
  4. Hobbit Gardener
  5. Hobbit Farrier
  6. Hobbit Brewer
  7. Hobbit Chef
  8. Hobbit March Warden
  9. Hobbit Bounder
  10. Hobbit Shirriff
  11. Storyteller
  12. Hobbit Elder
  13. Hobbit High Elder
  14. First Shirriff
  15. Old Took

Lothlórien: The Elven Kingdom of Lothlorien

  1. Newborn of Lothlorien
  2. Youth of Lothlorien
  3. Scout of Lothlorien
  4. Galadhrim Weaver
  5. Archer of Lothlorien
  6. Forester of Lothlorien
  7. Galadhrim Bowmaster
  8. Sentinel of Lothlorien
  9. Guardian of the Golden Wood
  10. Marchwarden of Lothlorien
  11. Minstrel of Lothlorien
  12. Wise one of Lothlorien
  13. Elven Enchanter
  14. Counsellor of Celeborn
  15. Emissary of Galadriel

Fangorn: Home of the Ents

  1. Fea
  2. Tree of Fangorn
  3. Enting
  4. Foolhardy Ent
  5. Hasty Ent
  6. Learned Ent
  7. Wise Ent
  8. Weathered Ent
  9. Ent Elder
  10. Ent High Elder
  11. Ancient Ent
  12. Loremaster of the Herd
  13. Counselor of the Entmoot
  14. Keeper of the List
  15. Master of the Herd


Mordor: The Kingdom of the Minions of Mordor

  1. Snaga
  2. Scavenger
  3. Troll
  4. Southron
  5. Easterling
  6. Orc
  7. Wainrider
  8. Corsair
  9. Orc Chieftain
  10. Uruk-Hai
  11. Olog-Hai
  12. Barrow-Wight
  13. Black Numenorean
  14. Nazgûl
  15. Balrog

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