Old Plaza Icons

One of the most missed parts of the pre-2010 version of the LOTR Plaza was the icon system used by its members.  After the changeover, I uploaded the icons for each of the nine old Kingdoms to my personal Photobucket.  Unfortunately, despite numerous Admins using them in their signatures, the administration of the Plaza has made a copyright claim and I must take them down.  On the other hand, the icons are still viewable on the Plaza.

The icons are used in Archive 7, and viewable in the folder http://www.lotrplaza.com/images/ranks7/.  This folder is not publicly viewable, but you can still see the images by entering their URLs.  Each image is saved in the model of “E01.gif” (in this case, the first Imladris rank).  To view the icons, click the link below of the Kingdom you wish to see, and then change the number in the file name to the appropriate rank (01 – 15).

If you wish to include one of these icons in your signature on the Plaza, simply put “[IMG]http://www.lotrplaza.com/images/ranks7/E01.gif[/IMG]” (or whatever the URL for your icon is) into your sig without the quotation marks.

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