The Movies Forum Caption Contest

Caption Contests have a long history on the Plaza.  Threads in which members came up with funny subtitles for stills from the LOTR films were once a mainstay of the games/contests forum and even after its closure were regular features in the various Kingdom fora. In early 2009, Plaza admin Alkthoniel assumed control of the Movies Forum. She had risen to power through the Kingdoms and as such was familiar with games like Caption Contests.

One of Ally’s first actions as Movies admin, after testing the waters in the suggestions thread, was to found the Movies Forum Caption Contest. It was originally intended that each thread would run for between three and four weeks before a new one was opened, but it was rather erratic at first. After a few months Ally’s activity all but ceased, but when asked she handed the contest over to Eldorion.

Today, after the closure of the Kingdoms, the Movies Forum Caption Contest is the oldest such contest on the Plaza and one of the only ones still active. Look for it at the start of every month in the Movies Forum!

The Hall of Honour – Threadrunners

  1. Alkthoniel (March 2009 – May 2009)
  2. Eldorion (July 2009 – October 2009)
  3. Tree (November 2009 – April 2010)
  4. Eldorion (May 2010 – April 2011)
  5. Dwimmerlaik (May 2011 – Present)

The Hall of Victory – First Place Winners

  1. March 2009: Tree
  2. April 2009: NineFingered
  3. May 2009: N/A
  4. July 2009: Tree
  5. August 2009: Larien Falassion
  6. September 2009: Eruverde
  7. October 2009: Enoden
  8. November 2009: Anteor
  9. December 2009: Beathan Alasterion
  10. January 2010: Ghalamir Blackadder
  11. February 2010: Erutulcon
  12. March 2010: Trisula
  13. April 2010: captain bingo
  14. May 2010: Peregrin Took
  15. June 2010: Tinuviel
  16. July 2010: Corlassion Manaveru
  17. August 2010: SarumanRingMaker
  18. September 2010: Corlassion Manaveru
  19. October 2010: SarumanRingMaker
  20. November 2010: Moriel
  21. December 2010: Rohillaren
  22. January 2011: Dwimmerlaik
  23. February 2011: Tari Helyanwe
  24. March 2011: M0RGOTH
  25. April 2011: Lottie Girarion
  26. May 2011: Rian Eliowen
  27. June 2011: SarumanRingMaker
  28. July 2011: Tarawen
  29. September 2011: Sur Vanar Utírieste
  30. October 2011: Lhaw
  31. December 2011: Widfara

Will you be next?

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