PJ Looking for Lore

PJ’s film clearly changed a lot of things in the book, some wilfully, some perhaps resulting from confusion.  Imagine what would have happened if PJ visited one of the many Tolkien newsgroups and bulletin boards that existed even in the 1990s and did some research into Tolkien’s Lore.

Hi everyone!  I’m Gianthobbit95, and I’m making a LOTR film for Miramax.  I like the books, but haven’t read them in a while.  Could you guys answer a few questions about Tolkien for me?

What’s up with Tom Bombadil?

Why doesn’t Arwen do anything?

Don’t you think balrogs are huge?

Why are the Ents so decisive?  They’re only trees, for heaven’s sake!

Doesn’t Faramir’s rejection of the ring destroy its power, but Elrond/Gandalf/Aragorn/Galadriel’s rejection doesn’t?

Why does Aragorn let the army of the dead go at Pelargir?  Why not keep ’em around a while longer?

What IS Saruon?  Isn’t it wierd that he’s just a giant, floating eyeball?

Am I the only one who thinks there’s not enough conflict between members of the Fellowship?

Who else loved Bakshi?!?!?

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