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My real name is Jacob, but Eldorion is the main pseudonym I go by in the online Tolkien community.  Most people shorten it to Eldo.  I first used this name on LotRPlaza.com – a Lord of the Rings discussion forum and all around cool site.  I live in Maryland in the United States and graduated from university in May 2013.  I can be dangerously obsessive about The Lord of the Rings, but sometimes this comes out more than others.  Check out my personal page!

Which Eldorion am I?

I don’t know exactly how many people go by the name Eldorion on the Internet, but I know of several that aren’t me.  I have joined numerous Tolkien websites under this name, but I do not post as prolifically now as I did a few years ago.  The following sites are the ones where I am or have been the most active.

These days, I can most often be found on Forumshire, where I served as owner and administrator from early 2011 to early 2016.

About this site

While WordPress is of course primarily a blogging service, I’ve used it to build more of a traditional website with static pages. I originally made this site in 2009 as a permanent home for my essays about Purism, but it grew considerably in the years that followed. However, it has been a long time since I posted regular updates here and in 2016 I essentially transitioned this site into an archive while posting more expansive Lore essays on my new blog Nolondil.

Legal note

This site is not affiliated with the Tolkien Estate, Middle-earth Enterprises, New Line Cinema, or any other organization.  It is purely a not-for-profit fan-site for entertainment purposes.  All copyrighted materials are used under the fair use provisions of copyright law.  If you are a copyright holder whose work is reproduced here and you think that its use here does not constitute fair use, please contact me about it.  All original material is copyright © Jacob Keener, 2008-2016.

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