Moving house (metaphorically)

I first started this blog nearly seven years ago after spending a couple months (on and off) window-shopping for a place to host my essays about Tolkien purism. I ended up posting about other topics as well, though never as much as I thought I might. It’s been many years since I posted regularly here and most of the content was written when I was 15 years old, though I did return to add my thoughts about The Hobbit films and kept an eye on the comments thread of the Eagle page. However, some of the older pages are honestly a little embarrassing to re-read now. After rewriting the Tolkien’s books about Arda page this spring, I decided that a fresh start to coincide with my renewed focus on lore would be best. Towards that end, I have set up a new blog called Nolondil: Friend of Lore, which began with rewritten and (in some cases greatly) expanded versions of the essays from the old Lore section here. I won’t take this site down, though the old domain name ( will expire in about a year. Until then it will redirect to the WordPress subdomain you’re reading this on. While I do occasionally cringe at things I posted here in years past, there are a lot of good memories tied up in this site as well and I’m grateful to have had it. 🙂


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