Returning after a long hiatus

Everyone who has visited the site in the past year or so has probably noticed the near-complete lack of new content.  I didn’t exactly drop off the face of the earth, but I must admit that I pretty much abandoned this site.  This was in large part due to a lot of my time being taken up as I tried to learn the ropes of being a forum administrator at Forumshire: The Hobbit Movie Forum.  Having to deal with a lot of ups, downs, twists, turns and other assorted craziness in my real life didn’t help either.

While I wouldn’t say that things have settled down, per se, a lot has gotten better over the past few months and I’ve had more time to devote to various projects, including stuff for fun.  I’ve been trying to write more, both with fiction and non-fiction, which is part of the reason I turned here again.  I thought I’d try writing movie reviews, something I’ve wanted to do for some time, as a writing exercise and also just for fun.  Thus was the brand-new Movie Reviews page born.  It may expand to cover more than just movies, but I can’t say for sure yet.  It’s still under construction, after all.

In another site-related news, I condensed the old Lore and Humor pages into a single Tolkien General page.  This keeps all of the non-Purism stuff that I’ve written about Tolkien in one easy-to-navigate page.  It also opens up space in the main navigation bar for more non-Tolkien stuff as I add it.  I look forward to getting back into the site and continuing to write.  It’s always more fun when you can share it with people!


One Response to Returning after a long hiatus

  1. Mowque says:

    Good to see you are keeping up with this.

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