Tolkien Purism essays: v.2.5

Periodically I get the urge to work on this site, and today I got it at a time when I actually could get to my computer and start typing.  Fortunately my energy kept me going for a while, so I was able to make a fairly substantial overhaul of the Tolkien Purism essays.

The basic structure is still the same (except for a new addition at the top), but I made edits of varying significance to the Manifesto and both Change series of essays.  The LOTR Changes series in particular still had a lot of material from the very early version 1.0 of this site that I frankly didn’t like anymore.  Hopefully the new versions will be clearer and better argued.

I’d like to work on some of the other parts of the site, but right now I feel like doing something else, so we’ll see when I feel inspired to start writing more. 😀


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