A limited amount of time

I hope everyone is having as enjoyable a summer (or, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, winter) as I’ve had so far, and that your weather is nice (for whatever season you’re in).  I started driver’s education this week, which is eating up all my evenings, though fortunately it’s only for two weeks. It’ll be worth it in the long run, even though it will be a long time till I get a full license and an even longer time till I can afford my own car. 😛

I did, however, have time to spent a few hours trawling through old threads (and, naturally, getting distracted by a lot of them) looking for all the old Movies Forum Caption Contests.  I was curious to see how many there have been and who all had won over time.  There have been 15 so far (including the one I need to judge tomorrow) and “Tree” has the lead with two first-place victories and one second-place victory in addition to his six months of running the contest.  If you want to see more and/or enjoy the nostalgia, check out the page here. 🙂

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