Doing things IRL and online

Today was a busy day for me in many ways.  First, I spent six hours at my internship.  Second, I went out to dinner and to a double rock concert.  Third, and finally, I’ve been working on adding some new material to this site again.

The rock concert I saw featured Peter Frampton and Yes, and was in downtown Baltimore.  There are a lot of trashy areas in Baltimore, but this was actually a really nice part of the city.  Both Frampton and Yes are mainstays of classic rock stations, and thus old, which has varied effects.  Frampton could still rock out on stage and really get into things, but the Yes guys seemed rather awkward.  This was especially noticeable with guitarist Steve Howe, who looked ready to drop dead at any minute.  All told though, it was a great concert, and I’m really happy to have gone.

I’m still suffering from summer laziness (exacerbated by having to make up for lost lazing time that was spent interning), but I added several pages tonight.  First was an expansion to the more or less completed Purism pages: an old prediction about The Hobbit films.  Second was several pages grouped together as easter eggs for members of the LOTR Plaza.  I heavily redesigned the old page about Ranks and added a new Site Map page.  There will likely be more such pages added, though I suspect their interest will be marginal to those not members of the Plaza.  Feel free to check them out anyway though. 🙂

It’s always exciting to add new stuff here, so there’s a good chance of more updates over the weekend.  In any event, all new stuff will be mentioned here and on Twitter.

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