Done with finals!

Last week I had my three final exams, and over the weekend I’ve finished and submitted my final essays as well.  As usual it came down to a very busy crunch time at the end, but I will now have a rather drastic increase in free time.  On the other hand, I was able to make some updates in my free time early last week.  The Humour page has been somewhat restructured and expanded.  I also added a somewhat random essay about Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars.  It’s not exactly relevant to this site’s topic, but it’s come up on two separate Tolkien forums I frequent, so I figured I’d stick it in the Personal section.

I can’t say when anything new will be added here since I have a number of things to do in the next week or two.  I have some ongoing RL obligations, several books and movies that I’ve been waiting for a while to enjoy, and then a few online projects.  I’m going to be working on a Lore project for the LotR Plaza Library (which I’ll also link to from here).  I also have an idea for a somewhat lengthy parody to go in the Humour section, though how (if) that will play out remains to be seen.

In the meantime, enjoy your summers, even if you’re in the real world and don’t get the whole thing off. 🙂


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