A new domain name!

I don’t think I’ve been this active with the site in, well, ever. 😛

I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting a real domain name for a long time.  I almost did before making this site, but was convinced to not spend money on one before having developed material for the site first.  That’s why I started using WordPress in the first place.  Recently I decided that I had written enough material to justify spending some money in hosting it, but I wasn’t sure what exactly to do.

While I am not entirely computer illiterate, I have only basic proficiency with HTML, and no ability at all with Javascript, PHP, or any other language used in web development.  That ruled out buying a domain name and writing pages from scratch.  I also didn’t want to spend money to get software that would write the website for me.  I looked around at some services such as Webs.com, but nothing really interested.

Then, just in the past week, I learned that for only $15 a year WordPress.com, the site I was already using, would register a domain name for me and host my blog on it.  That meant I didn’t have to pay monthly hosting fees (a problem with just about every other service out there) and I could also keep the easy WYSIWYG editor and not fumble around with formatting languages I didn’t know.  It was a surprisingly inexpensive win-win situation that would let me finally have a personal domain name.

As such, welcome to Eldorion.com!  The entire site moved here, but the old URL will still seamlessly redirect you here from any page of that site.  Not much has really changed, but I finally get to drop the ungainly “.wordpress” part of the URL.


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