Little things

I have made a number of minor additions to both the Humour and Personal pages over the past few days. I’ve added a few links to other people’s humour that I like and have expanded the Personal section to include two new pages (that was a short year, wasn’t it? 😉 ).  I also took the time to expand on an old idea of mine and add a new Purism essay: Doublethink?.

I would really like to make some large-scale additions to the Tolkien-related pages, but I need to have both the time and the motivation.  For me, it’s being motivated to get started that is the largest hurdle.  Once I actually sit down and start working I can get things done fairly quickly, but I can wait days (or with this site, weeks and months, since it’s less urgent than school) before doing anything. Nonetheless, I hope everyone reading this enjoys what there is so far as well as what I add in the future.  I’ll keep tabs on all the updates right here on the blog.

In the real world, I am fast approaching the end of the semester.  It’s been both an exciting time – my first semester living away from home – and somewhat of a respite – fewer credits than last semester had and fewer extra-curricular activities than next semester will bring.  This week should be fairly quiet (which might mean that I continue my semi-active updates here), though the next week will be full of finals and essays.  After that I have a nice, long, three month summer break to look forward to, though.


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