Puristing again

This past week has been pretty hectic for me.  I’ve had two quizzes, a full-fledged exam, and an essay due all in the past four days.  However, since last weekend and in what free time I’ve had this week, I’ve been working on my Purism essays again.  First, I re-read almost the entire site and made a number of minor errors for grammar and clarity.  Then, a few days ago, I started posting on the LotR Plaza again after a five week hiatus.  Somewhat predictably, my first post was about the films as adaptations. 😛

Just today I wrote a new essay for this site: What It All Means.  This is the long-awaited (by me) conclusion to the Changes to The Lord of the Rings essay series, and also to the site re-write that I began last October.  The Purism section of this site will now be static (barring another wholesale re-imagining of the entire thing) except for updates about the forthcoming adaptations of The Hobbit and any smaller pieces that go into the Other section.  I’ll keep you updated through the blog about anything that might happen with that.

In the meantime, I may turn back to the Lore section of the site now.  I may also go on another hiatus from updating.  At this point I’ve learned that my estimates for when things will happen are not to be trusted. 😉

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