Computer problems, school, snow, blargh

So yeah, I’ve been doing nothing here. 😛

About three weeks ago my laptop refused to start one morning, and upon taking it to the store it was diagnosed with a dead motherboard.   I was told I’d get it back in “at least about two-to-three weeks”, but in the intervening weeks the mid-Atlantic got hit by (dun-dun-dun!) Snowmageddon.  After two storms there’s over three feet of snow on the ground, schools have been closed for about a week straight, and there’s a good chance that the service center my laptop is at has been closed too.

I’ve got some ideas percolating though, so I might do something again once I get my laptop back and find a rhythm with school.  Much as I like getting a spontaneous week-long break, it’s a bit jarring to have one as you’re still trying to hit your stride.

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