The site revision is in progress

If you look at the main Tolkien Purism page you may notice that it now looks much different than it did before today.  This is because the changes I’ve been mentioning in my recent blog posts is now going into effect.  The original “Core Essays” of the site are no longer grouped together.  Some have been absorbed into the Manifesto whereas the rest have moved to a new page: Changes to The Lord of the Rings.  A large portion of the original introduction page has also moved here.

The new page is an introduction and an index to the age-old question: did PJ do a good job adapting The Lord of the Rings?  It links to a lot of the old articles, and a few new ones will be showing up soon to round it out.  After that I’m not so clear on what I’ll be doing with the site; it may be more purism essays (there’s some more ground I’d like to cover eventually) or it may be book-specific essays.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it though. 🙂

I can’t promise when the new essays will be up.  I hope it will be soon but I have two exams in the next week so that will take up a good deal of the rest of the weekend, not to mention other commitments.  Hopefully I’ll have a brief respite before the true end-of-semester crunch though.


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