Core purism essays completed! – rough draft

I have finally finished the six-essay core series on Tolkien Purism with two final essays.  One deals with the Side-effects of Changes on the films even when considered purely as cinema, and the other is concerned with the Big Picture and wraps up the whole series by addressing the question of so what?  Thank you to everyone who has commented on them so far – and to anyone who might do so in the future.  It’s great to know people are reading these. 🙂

Next on my queue of things to do with this site are some Tolkien book-specific essays, but those will have to wait a while because I have an exam later this week.  I will see when I can work some writing time into my schedule.  I  might also add more essays to the Purism section.

EDIT: there will actually be some structural changes and additions (though the existing essays should remain intact) coming in the next few days/weeks upon further reflection by me. 😛


2 Responses to Core purism essays completed! – rough draft

  1. Bernadet says:

    I just finished reading the entire essay, and you`re amazing Eldo. I wish I could write like that…all I can do is random rambling 😛 I`ll try to comment on each chapter separately later tonight *hugs* Just wanted to tell you it looked great.

    PS: I made a character page for Melwen on my blog – – so now you can learn aaaalll about her 8D

    • Eldorion says:

      Awww, thanks Berna. 🙂 I’m glad you like it and I appreciate your comment(s). I looked briefly at the About Melwen page and I’ll leave a comment over there when I have a bit more time (I have to eat now :P).

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