The other Cirith Ungol

Yes, there is more than one.  In addition to the fortress in Mordor there was a ’80s metal band with good taste in fantasy called Cirith Ungol.  I got three of their songs off of iTunes tonight – “King of the Dead”, “Toccata in Dm” (a remake of the Bach piece), and “Cirith Ungol”.  I think it’s fairly good if you like that kind of music, though I’ve certainly heard better.

Anyone else ever heard (of) them?

2 Responses to The other Cirith Ungol

  1. bvenema says:

    Am commenting here just so you have an Eric picture on your blog which I know you hate 😀 You looove it

    And no, I`ve never heard of them ^^

  2. Eldorion says:

    *loves it* 😛 Cirith Ungol is fun, if a bit screechy. 😀

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