This site is devoted to my various hobbies, especially reading, thinking, and writing about the Middle-earth stories of J. R. R. Tolkien.   Since first reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings I have been captivated by Tolkien’s world.  This site began as a repository for essays I had written as a result of interacting with other Tolkien fans in online forums, principally on the subject of purism.  Over time it grew to include other topics as well, including my take on the famous Eagle question, which statistically speaking is probably how you found this site.

If you are a Tolkien fan, you might be interested in the discussion of adapting Tolkien’s stories, or in more in-depth considerations of his work.  This site is also home to a handful of movie reviews and miscellaneous essays that I’ve added over the years. Most of the material here was written between 2009-2010, with a brief renaissance in 2012. Be warned that I was a teenager throughout this period and it sometimes shows through. I started a new Lore-centric blog called Nolondil in 2016 and it includes a number of rewritten versions of essays from here, though it is now substantially larger than the old Lore section.

I’ve just about fully moved this site into storage, but if you’re still browsing it, I hope you find something enjoyable among the content here.


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